Session recording & replay

InLook records and replays user sessions like watching a video.

Watch how users interact with your website on desktop and mobile. You can see exactly what they see, just like you’re looking over their shoulder.

This will help you find fields for improvement and solve issues more effectively.

Session recording & replay

See where your users get stuck

You can see what your users see. Thanks to this, you can spot problematic interactions and points of frustration.

Increase conversion rates

Session replays will help you find obstacles in your sales funnel. Solving these will improve your conversions.

Debug your web application faster

Monitor activity and fix bugs as soon as possible. For example, InLook detects JavaScript errors automatically.

Filters and segmentation

Industry-leading advanced filtering will help you remain focused on the crucial recordings only. You can filter sessions according to traffic source, campaign, location, device, organic or paid traffic and dozens of other parameters. InLook has predefined segments, such as Potential Customers, Suspicious Traffic and more.

Filters and segmentation

Frustration Signals

InLook finds frustration signals—moments captured in sessions recorded on your website that, though painful to watch during replay, teach you something insightful about the user experience with your product. Rage Clicks, Dead Clicks & Error Clicks are the primary frustration signals captured in session replay. Detecting these will help you spot problems and solve them faster.

Frustration Signals

Rage Clicks

Rage Clicks are like punching your computer with your finger because it didn’t do what you wanted it to. Rage Clicks signal that your site didn’t react the way your customer wanted or thought it should – and you might want to take a look at changing it.

Dead Clicks

Dead Clicks are clicks that have no effect on the page. Does that image look like it should zoom in when you click it, but doesn’t? Is that form-submit button just not working? Spot where users have been clicking on your site—but nothing happened in response.

Error Clicks

When a JavaScript error occurs after a click, we call it an error click. Find sessions where a JavaScript error was logged right after they clicked something on your site.

Co-Browsing with your visitors

Watch sessions in real time as they occur with no latency, and engage seamlessly with your visitors. While viewing the potential customers screen, you also have the opportunity to take action and get in contact with them directly from your website. With a click of a button seamlessly chat with visitors on your website.

Co-Browsing with your visitors


Share navigation, provide superior support and create immersive online experiences with secure cobrowsing

Live Session Replay

Watch sessions in real time as they occur with no latency, and engage seamlessly with your visitors.

Smart Chat

Chat with your visitors as you watch their screen in real time

Powerful analytics and insights

Let’s be honest - getting actionable insights from Google Analytics isn’t easy. It was built for analytics experts with plenty of time and technical resources - unlike most of us. Inlook is the tool that will help you take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions. Stop drowning in endless reports! InLook shows you exactly what you should focus on and helps translate your data into action.

Powerful analytics and insights

100% code free

Being data-driven starts with the right events. With InLook, you don't need your of developers to get them. Track all events easily and 100% code-free!

Single source of truth

Counting results right is crucial to make the next decisions. InLook is your objective, single source of truth - unrelated to Google or other ad companies.

Actionable insights

Stop drowning in endless reports! InLook highlights what you should focus on and helps you translate your data into action.

Automatic conversion reports

Stop wasting hours setting up Google Analytics just to get a simple conversion report.

With InLook, you get conversion reports for any page or event with just one click!

Once you add our script to your website, all conversions are automatically tracked, and you can always view the reports even retroactively.

Automatic conversion reports

Click Fraud Detection

To maximize benefits from your ad campaigns, you need to make sure your ads are reaching the right audience. Many of your ad clicks are done by robotic software that scan the internet or by your competitors.

The result: You spend more money for nothing, causing heavy losses to your business.

InLook allows you to identify these suspicious clicks, and provides you with the information necessary to block them from clicking on your ad, saving you unnecessary costs and significantly improving your bottom line.

Click Fraud Detection

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