7 Strategies for Selling More on the Internet

7 Strategies for Selling More on the Internet

Beforehand, the secret to selling more on the internet is in the correct application of digital marketing techniques and strategies that aim to make the customer experience more pleasant and agile in the online environment.

Today I've separated for you 7 strategies to teach you how to sell more on the internet and achieve success in your business

Do you want to know what are these strategies that will help you sell more on the internet? So stay with me to find out.

1 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent business model that has helped many companies monetize products and services and expand sales.

This sales model has been increasingly consolidated in Brazil, as through it it is possible to multiply the sales team, without having to invest in hiring an internal salesperson.

Through Affiliate Marketing, a company can sell much more on the internet, because when implementing it, it has a new sales force working directly in prospecting and offering within the digital environment.

It is a sales model focused on performance and the consideration is the payment of commissions arising from sales made.

To Create an Affiliate Program, you need to evaluate the most suitable way for your business.

If your product or service is delivered online, it is possible to register them on an affiliate platform such as Hotmart and make it available to the platform's affiliate base so that they are responsible for making sales for your company .

2 – Implement conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is a strategy used in the sales world by companies that want to create direct and personal contact with customers.

The objective is to establish communication with consumers and customers in an immediate, personal and human way.

One of the main characteristics of conversational marketing is the connection with users and the accessibility offered to them.

For this, tools are used that enable immediate communication, allowing contact with leads at the time and time they want without having to wait for a return from the company.

A good tool for conversational marketing is Whatsapp, as it can be used to maintain direct communication with your customers, offering personalized service.

Here are some tips to make a good marketing campaign through Whatsapp and increase your sales.

  • Define your goals;
  • Fill out your company's profile correctly, where you will inform opening hours, description of the place and opening hours. The profile picture is also very important;
  • Ask your customers to register their number in their calendars, to track their status and attract the attention of your audience;
  • Enrich your content with images, videos, short audios, etc.
  • Use whatsapp business which is a free application that was developed for small businesses, it has automatic responses and allows you to add data such as location, opening hours, etc.

3 – Email marketing

The first step is to get the customer interested in email marketing after receiving it.

"But how do I get the customer's interest when I receive a marketing email from my company?"

One of the main resources for creating email headlines that attract clicks is using the mental trigger of curiosity.

Here's an example:

"This Resource Increased Company XYZ's Revenue by 156%."

Understand, It is the fact that this e-mail did not mention which resource which allowed this result to be achieved and aroused curiosity. The lead will be led to click to learn more about this.

In addition, it is important that your e-mail is connected to the subject, so that the customer sees a continuous line of subject, reasoning and subsequent offer or invitation (Call to action) at the end of the e-mail.

Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes when sending email marketing.

Step 1: Create an interesting, attention-grabbing title that is related to relevant content;

Step 2 : Segment your base;

Step 3 : Send e-mail in the right amount, don't send too many e-mails so as not to fill the user and customers with a sequence of consecutive e-mails;

Step 4 : Whenever possible, use real people as senders to build customer relationships;

Step 5: Content is King and will remain so for a long time to come. So please deliver something of value in the email.

4 – Content Marketing on Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is the second most used social network in the world, making it an excellent marketing strategy for any person or company.

Instagram has many tools to create relevant content that can help increase your sales and customers.

In addition to using these tools to create content and increase your sales, you will also need to take some important actions.

Want to know which actions will help your company sell more on Instagram? So check out below:

Promote the company's profile- It is important to show people that your profile has relevant content and that your product is the best in the market;

Make a posting calendar and plan what will be posted in advance;

Promote promotions and contests- By participating in the promotion, people can compete to win something from your company (a gift or a reward).

However, to participate in the promotion, the person must comply with some rules, which will help your company's profile to be better known on the platform.

See an example:

“To participate in our draw you must comply with the following rules:”

Rule 1: Follow your company profile;

Rule 2: Share the post of this ad or promotion in the stories;

Rule 3 – Tag friends on the official photo.

Use Instagram stories to keep your audience interacting with your brand;

Make ads linked to facebook, you can use an interface to create ads on both platforms, and you can segment your audience according to what you create campaigns;

→ Use IGTV, with this tool you can make professional productions with quality content;

→ Partner with influencers;

Use the power of Instagram polls to increase your engagement.

5 – Ads on Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to generate quick sales. By clicking on the ad, people know exactly what they are looking for, making it quick and easy.

To be able to sell well on Google Ads the company must know how to use this tool correctly. It is important to use the right keywords to get good results.

Here are some tips for you not to make mistakes when advertising your products on Google Ads. Check out:

TIP 1: Define your target audience and target your ad to people who can become your customers;

TIP 2: Choose the correct keywords, analyze the words that are related to your business;

TIP 3: Use Remarketing, which is an Adwords tool that will allow you to re-display an ad for the same person. This is a good strategy for attracting someone who almost bought a product but gave up along the way.

6 – Ads on Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is one of the tools used in digital marketing, it presents many possibilities of ads for lead generation, traffic, conversion, video viewing, etc.

To advertise on Facebook Ads and increase sales the company must follow a few steps. See below what the steps are:

STEP 1: Create a business (company) account;

STEP 2 : Choose a goal and stay focused on it;

STEP 3: Configure your ad;

STEP 4: Set the campaign budget and schedule;

STEP 5: Define what your audience will be;

STEP 6: Choose where you prefer to run the ad;

STEP 7: Optimize the campaign;

STEP 8: Customize the campaign;

STEP 9: Finally, post the ad.

7 – Use Cross-Selling, Up-Selling and Order Bump

These techniques can increase your company's sales, believe me!

Up-Selling is a selling strategy where a website or seller can suggest an addition to the product or service, now Cross-Selling suggests complementary products.

Up-Selling Example : Ads like: “Don't miss! 3 for the price of 2".

Cross-Selling Example : In virtual stores, products may appear with messages like: "People who bought X product also bought Y product."

Order Bump will also allow you to offer a complementary product at checkout.

Today you learned strategies to sell more on the internet.
We hope that these strategies will help to increase your sales and consequently achieve success in your business.

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