Frequently asked questions

What is InLook?

InLook is a unique platform designed to enhance user experience & customer support on websites. With our unique, real-time tools - you will significantly improve your business profits.

How do I install InLook on my website?

Just drop one line of code in your website and you're good to go. The InLook team provides support via chat for installing and embedding our script in a fast and secure manner.

Will the InLook platform slow down my site?

No! The platform was developed by the best engineers in Israel and does not affect site operations.

Is the InLook Platform suitable for my website?

InLook is suitable for all types of sites, including small businesses, corporations, organizations, banks, etc. Our system is customizable so that we can include the appropriate features for the type of service, the nature of the business and the target audience.

I don't have a technological background, is the system right for me?

Absolutely! The system is very easy to use and no prior technical knowledge is required. In addition, the InLook team can provide, on-request, professional training on the platform. We are always available to answer questions or assist with any issues.

How long will the session records be stored?

Minimum 30 days with an option to unlimited time, as required by the customer.

How do I contact a website visitor?

Your website visitors can be contacted via chat. You can reach out to customers without any software download and no installation on either side.

Can the platform save me on advertising costs?

Absolutely! When you run campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook Ads etc., billing is done on a per-click (PPC) basis. Many times the clicks you pay for are made by robotic software that scan the Internet for various reasons, or clicks made by competitors. This costs a fortune and does not bring any benefit whatsoever. You can now detect when this is happening, streamline your campaign and safeguard your advertising budget..

Can InLook be used for training and support?

Yes, it can. Live screen sharing can be demonstrated to customers in virtual and operating instructions, with no need to download or install software.

I want to purchase a InLook subscription and I do not have a credit card, what can I do?

Purchase on this site is generally based on credit card payment, but we can accept payment in additional ways. For more information, please contact us at:

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